About us

We are artisan…

…fishermen from Los Lagos region who decided to innovate and provide our product to our customers first hand, so they can enjoy the taste and benefits Abalones have. We are ruled by the principles of well-being, fair trade and the sustainability of our natural resources.

We decided to form an alliance with the Chinquihue Foundation to be represented as operator and marketer..

We have grouped almost 1100 fishermen…

…and more than 4000 people considering their immediate family members who belong to coastal communities located in the Carelmapu, Amortajado, Central Maullín, Lepihue, La Pasada and Quenuir coves.

At the same time, in labour union terms, we gathered members of the following organizations, independent workers syndicate (IWS), Cooperatives and Trade Union Associations (TUA):

  • Cooperativa Carelmapu Ltda.
  • IWS Navegando Juntos; IWS Rio Maullín; IWS Mar Brava; IWS Caleta Carelmapu; IWS El Pacífico; IWS Mar Pacífico.
  • TUA La Pasada; TUA Lepihue; TUA de Quenuir; TUA DEMA – Maullín; TUA de Pichicuyén.