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Locos del Sur, gourmet tradition


Artisan divers fishermen, shellfish collectors from the Los Lagos Region, Chile.


From tradition to Innovation: raw, cooked, frozen, preserved, canned or vacuum sealed.


The areas of management, its fishers and its millenary traditions.


A Gourmet dish for different occasions.

From Maullin in Los Lagos Region… to your table.


We are the first fishery industry in Chile that has aimed for the certification in both Fair Trade and the Marine Stewardship Counsil in order to get benefited, help our people and their families, and also contribute to the care of the environment we live in and work collaboratively along with public and private institutions to bring to your palate the unique taste of the Locos of the South of Chile.

The Loco (Concholepas concholepas) is a mollusk that inhabits in rocky bottoms between 6 and 50 meters, with a minimum legal size of extraction of 10 centimeters which measured from the external edge of the siphonal canal until the opposite end of the shell.


We have compromised the 10 percent of our assigned fees as Management Areas (AMERB) to initiate this collaborative work of commercialization and certification in this international standard of sustainable business in social and environmental aspects.

We aim to generate an associative work with all of the participants of the value chain to reach your table in a direct and equitable way towards the development of long-term relationships.

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